A Posthumous Album FOR Deborah Fraser In Remembrance Of Her Life

Deborah Frazer

Deborah Fraser was a true icon of gospel music, known for her powerful voice, uplifting lyrics, and unwavering faith in the Almighty. With her passing on May 15th, 2022, the music industry lost one of its most beloved and inspirational figures. But even in death, Deborah’s message of hope and gratitude lives on, thanks to her final album, “Jehovah Ngiyabonga.” The album is a testament to Deborah’s unwavering faith and her deep gratitude for the blessings in her life. The album features a range of uplifting and positive tracks, each one a celebration of Deborah’s love for God and her joy in His presence.

Throughout the album, Deborah’s powerful vocals are complemented by the talents of Big Zulu and Khuzane, two superstars of their respective genres who were honoured to collaborate with the legendary artist on her final project. This album is a moving tribute to Deborah’s life and legacy. Whether you’re a long time fan of her music or new to the gospel scene, “Jehovah Ngiyabonga” is an album that will uplift your spirit and fill your heart with gratitude. As we listen to this final work from Deborah Fraser, we are reminded of the impact that she had on the world of gospel music and of the light that she brought to so many lives. But we are also reminded that, in death as in life, her message of hope and faith continues to inspire us all. So, let us cherish this beautiful album and continue to celebrate the life of this incredible artist.

PRE-ADD/PRE-SAVE THE ALBUM HERE: https://deborahfraser.lnk.to/Jehovahngiyabonga

ABOUT BASHESHE BAHLEKE: https://deborahfraser.lnk.to/Jehovahngiyabonga

The track showcases Deborah’s incredible talent and infectious energy. With its uplifting message and infectious rhythms, the song is a must-listen for Gospel fans. The single is motivational and inspiring in times of hardship.

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