ABC ‘let down its audience’ with inaccurate drinking supply reports: ACMA

Broadcasting industry regulator ACMA has found the ABC breached its obligations to accuracy in a report which falsely exaggerated the impact illegal logging had on Melbourne drinking water.

ACMA Chair Nerida O’Loughlin released a statement saying the ABC had “let down its audience” in the reports from 2021.

“When we assessed the factual material presented in the ABC news reports we found they did not meet the standards expected of it as a public broadcaster,” Ms O’Loughlin said.

“The assertion that the OCR had found a significant risk to Melbourne’s drinking supply exaggerated the impact and seriousness of the breaches found by the OCR. This could have raised considerable concerns for the ABC’s audiences about such a critical issue as water quality.

“The ABC attributed a perspective to the OCR that was not present in their published findings and in this regard has let down its audience.”