ActionSA’s interim eThekwini regional chairperson Busisiwe Ntshingila has quit the party claiming it is no different from the African National Congress (ANC).

In her resignation letter, Ntshingila says there are currently a lot of self-obsessed politicians in South Africa who simply participate to gain power, money and fame with very little regard for the ordinary South African.

“ActionSA is a far cry from what this country needs. At face value, they seem like they have potential but it seems that, just like ANC, there are handlers and agendas that are well hidden and ultimately, they will serve self-interest and not the needs of the people that actually voted for them,”

“With each passing day, I realise that ActionSA is no different to the ruling party. Protecting self-interest and cadre deployment are worded differently but ultimately implemented identically,” Ntshingila said.

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She said she had been battling with the decision to resign for over six months before realising ActionSA “could not” fix the problems of the country.

“During the people’s dialogue I believed that ActionSA was the alternative for the people of SA but after months of serving on the different executive structures, and currently as I serve as the interim chairperson of the eThekwini region, I am despondent and convinced that ActionSA is not what it presents itself to be and cannot fix this country.”

Ntshingila says many people stay in political parties even when they see that the party is failing South Africans because they hold a high position in the party.

“But I have a 10-year-old son and I cannot betray him and continue to serve knowing what I know simply because am in a high-ranking position. I choose to stand with my son, I choose to stand with the future generations of south Africa.”

ActionSA chairperson, Micheal Beaumont confirmed receipt of Ntshingila’s resignation letter.

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