Affirmative action equals a failed state


Not one African government has post-independence planned for the future increase in population and built more schools, more universities, more hospitals, more dams, more roads and more bridges – not even one.

Throughout the African continent, the population navigate down potholed roads to decaying government and municipal buildings staffed by disinterested civil servants who stare at computers – either broken or off line.

And here in South Africa – add the criminally inept condition of the state-owned enterprises and the South African National Defence Force – and it’s obvious that the ANC government is incapable of even maintaining the workings of a functioning economy – never mind increasing outputs of any aspect related to the country’s growth.

Failed state

And the blame lies with cadre deployment, bribery and corruption, “challenges”, and “unintended consequences”, but that all boils down to the elephant in the room – affirmative action, employment based purely on race, irrespective of the consequences.

After nearly 30 years in democracy, the results are there for all to see. Affirmative race-based employment practices equal a failed state.

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