Amazing Quest: Alaska, Costa Rica and More | Somewhere on Earth: Best Of | Free Documentary
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Somewhere on Earth – Best of: Alaska, Costa Rica, Micronesia & Morocco | Free Documentary

00:00:00 Alaska
The land of pioneers and the gold rush keeps cultivating our wildest dreams, from the Kenaï Peninsula – a land sculpted by the sea and glaciers – to the Katmai – the sacred land of grizzlies.

We meet Libby, the passionate lover of mountains and the sea, Lionel, the adventurous guide in the Katmai National Park and Danial, the enthusiastic bush pilot.

00:51:21 Costa Rica
A blend of science, passion and mystery, Costa Rica is a kingdom of stunning volcanoes, majestic waterfalls and of course, fierce surfers.

We meet Eladio, the man who lives between the volcanoes and the sea, Manolo, the old lonesome cowboy and Claudine, the biologist.

01:42:35 Micronesia
Micronesia, 2000 little worlds surrounded by the vast ocean; the one thing they share is the feeling that the Pacific Ocean is their only link to the rest of the universe.

We meet Augustin, the solitary sentinel of a cursed city, Pasan, the tribal chief, and Bruce, the dedicated traveler.

02:33:50 Morocco
A harsh land where the bashing winds sculpt spectacular landscapes, we discover the secrets of the saffron, the traces of the mythical desert caravans and the High Atlas Mountains.

We meet Abdullah, who will teach us the secrets of saffron, Julia, a nurse and Ali and l’Hô, the guides in the Sahara.
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