Berita Is Ready To Make People Dance With New Single


Berita is ready to make people dance with new single. Afro soul singer and songwriter Berita is prepared to release yet another track in a space of a month.

Berita is unstoppable as her music career continues to thrive even though singer did not have a smooth ride in her personal journey. In the past year, she had gone through so much after her marital issues were blasted on social media. Despite all the negativity, she is still standing and she is continuing to bless her fans with her good music. She had been tirelessly working on new music and doing shows across the country.

Berita is ready to have fun with her new single. Taking to her social media pages, the singer announced that she is ready to release a song that she has kept to herself for so long. Her new single titled Body will be dropping on the 26th of May 2023. The singer shared that this new body of work is a way of having fun after months of agony. “Now that I got my peace of mind, it’s time to move on and have some fun. I’m excited to share that my new single Body is coming out Friday the 26th of May”, Berita tweeted.

The singer released her first single for the year on the 31st of March 2023 titled Peace Of Mind. She shared that the song was a way of coming out of the dark season. She decided to rise up and not stay down for too. The singer has now found peace of mind and she is moving on with her life.

“Emerging out of a season that threatened to take all of me. Let it be known that I refuse to stay down for too long I can be changed by what happened to me but I refuse to be reduced by it. Peace of mind, new single out this Friday”, Berita had tweeted.

Berita has been receiving love and support from her fans and they are anticipating her new single.

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