Big power E30 with a BMW engine! SA's iconic 600kW street and drag Beemer lives on

BMW enthusiast Steven Naidoo bought his dream car from the legendary Shaheed Essop, a big turbo E30 running with an increasingly rare BMW engine under the bonnet.

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On the burgeoning South African drag racing scene, the sight of a BMW running a BMW engine is becoming an increasingly rare occurrence. For Steven Naidoo, the idea of fitting a 2JZ or engine from any other brand to a BMW is just sacrilege!

And so when a hero car of his, who he had been following for years, came up for sale, he jumped at the chance to own a South African legend.

Running a BMW 325 stroker motor (the displacement of which is a secret), in current tune, with 1.6 bar boost, the car is making north of 600kW on the wheels, which makes it quite a handful.

Join Steven on the quarter mile as he attempts to keep the car in a straight line, and tells us all about his pride and joy.

0:00 – Intro
0:32 – The history and purchase of the E30
1:15 – The colour of the car
1:37 – Changes made to the car
2:03 – The engine
2:49 – Engine management
3:07 – The boost
3:45 – The power
4:51 – The transmission
5:06 – Suspension
5:15 – Interior
5:31 – Driving the car
7:01 – What makes the E30 special?

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