Social media users have been debating whether or not Sonia Mbele should be mentioned in relation to the abuse allegations her son is facing.

This past week began with yet another mainstay in the South African entertainment industry making headlines for all the wrong reasons as Sonia Mbele began to trend after her son’s girlfriend accused him of being abusive. 

The young woman named Reokeditswe took to Instagram to share pictures and videos of the injuries that she says Donell Sedibe inflicted on her after she confronted him about his cheating. 

Reokeditswe abuse donell mbele
Screenshots from Reokeditswe’s Instagram | Picture: Instagram
Reokeditswe abuse donell mbele
Screenshots from Reokeditswe’s Instagram | Picture: Instagram

She also alleged that she had been trying to tell people about what he was doing to her for some time but Donell had been deleting her social media posts because he has access to her Instagram account. 

After posting a series of stories detailing what he had done to her and how he had treated her, she confirmed that she intends pressing charges against him and pursuing a case based on the abuse she suffered. 

The Citizen reached out to Sonia Mbele to request a statement on her family’s behalf but had not yet received a response at the time of publishing.

Reokeditswe abuse donell mbele
Reokeditswe’s injuries | Picture: Instagram

Donell and Reokeditswe

Reokeditswe abuse donell mbele
Donell Sedibe and Reokeditswe | Picture: Instagram

Earlier this year, Donell and Reokeditswe trended (along with Sonia Mbele) after announcing that they were expecting their first child together despite being quite young.  

In February the couple celebrated their anniversary together and Donell marked the moment with an Instagram post dedicated to his girlfriend and a caption that reads as follows:

“1 amazing year with you today. Thank you for sticking by my side and believing in us through all the ups, the downs, the laughs, the cries, everything. Thank you for never giving up on us but mostly thank you for allowing me to be yours.

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“I am beyond grateful, and I honestly couldn’t have prayed for a better life partner than you. You make me the happiest I’ve ever been and I vow to love and cherish you forever. Would’ve loved to show off our year much longer but I unfortunately only had a minute. Cheers to many more years to come! (I love you bestie.)”

Donell’s parents

Donell is one of the three children that Sonia had during her marriage to Leslie Sedibe. 

Sedibe is an attorney who was once the administrative head of the South African Football Association (Safa) and left his role in acrimonious circumstances. 

His marriage ended in a similar fashion to his role at Safa and his ex wife, Sonia, opened up about how difficult their marriage had become towards the end.

That Sonia had to leave her popular role on Generations can also be attributed to Leslie because of what Sonia called his jealous and controlling nature. 

Social media reacts 

Despite the fact that the matter was about Donell and Reokeditswe, it was Sonia Mbele’s name that trended and social media users did not appreciate this. 

Many highlighted why they felt this was wrong and prompted anyone who wishes to speak on the matter to refer to Donell by his name and not identify him based on his connection to his famous mother.

Over on Instagram, people have not been as empathetic with their comments under a past image of Sonia and Donell. 

“His Brain is full of bullsh**,” commented @hueyfreemannn. 

“F****n Respest u Sis Sonia Nina haiboo,” said @naked_jabil. 

“This boy is an abuser. Needs to be taught a lesson,” wrote @lazi_187. 

“Turns out hes a MONSTER!” commented @shesroyalpriesthood. 

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