Cops recover stolen Prasa and Transnet copper cables worth R1.2 million


Authorities in KwaZulu-Natal this week carried out a multi-disciplinary operation to curb copper cable theft in the region.

The team recovered copper cables belonging to Transnet and Prasa (and valued at R1.2 million) at the railway lines between Mariannhill and Shallcross.

Stole copper cables recovered

Lieutenant Colonel Nqobile Gwala said police recovered a second stash of stolen cables at a house in the Ekuphumuleni Location.

Gwala said: “They found two 34-year-old women inside the house and conducted a search. […] Police discovered copper cables worth R500 000”.

Photo: Saps

Both women were arrested for possession of stolen property. The team also arrested a 47-year-old man at a third location where they recovered cables worth R700 000.

The man was placed under arrest and the trio appeared at the Pinetown Magistrates Court on 4 August 2022 for possession of stolen property, pending the next court date.

Drugs, firearms, counterfeit goods

In a separate operation, officials in Durban North, Point, Durban Central, Umbilo, Greenwood Park and other areas within the Ethekwini District arrested more than 100 suspects.

Gwala said the operation “focused on drugs, illegal firearms, counterfeit goods, illegal liquor outlets, undocumented persons and offenders who have absconded their parole”.

“A total of 115 suspects were arrested for various crimes including 54 for contravention of the Immigration Act, five for possession of drugs, six for non-compliance of the liquor act, 31 for road traffic offences and six for drinking in public”.

Cops also recovered copper pipes, copper cables and a railway control arm at the premises, valuing approximately R30 000.

Liquor Act Compliance

In addition, task team members inspected alcohol outlets in the region to ensure compliance to the Liquor Act.

Gwala explained: “All liquor outlets were visited to check if they are complying with the Liquor Act. Three knives were seized by police.”

“Such operations will be ongoing across the province to curb acts of criminality and remove perpetrators of crime from our streets”.