CPUT continues to evacuate students from residences following protests


The Cape Peninsula University of Technology says it is in the process of completing the emergency evacuation of students from all its residences. Classes have been suspended and campuses closed after violent protests broke out this week.

Vehicles and buildings were set alight in Bellville and Wellington and protests also spilled over to the CBD campus. The students have raised several issues including an alleged cap in funding for accommodation and health matters.

CPUT spokesperson, Lauren Kansley says thousands of students accepted the institution’s offer of free transport back home.

Kansley adds: “The process took longer than expected because the institution was resolute that only top grade busses be used for the transfer. While we understand this was uncomfortable for students who had a longer wait, we wanted to ensure that safety was the top priority. Apart from the timing delay which affected some students, the majority were successfully processed and began their journey without incident.

Kansley further states: “We expect the rest to be on their way by this afternoon. We appreciate that the majority of students have rejected agitations to continue protest action. This proves that the average CPUT student simply wants to continue their studies without intimidation and harassment.”

Video: SABC News reported in March on more than 90 CPUT students without accommodation sleeping in hallways on the floor 

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