Date Night Tinggg 🌹 | 3-in-1 Get Ready with Me GRWM
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Everything you need to know…

in the spirit of valentine’s / the month of looove, we have a date night get ready with me (grwm)! pls don’t smoke my pack for the little vlog ok I trieeeed but I was too busy jolaring bandla :’) luv you guys tho hehehe

Outfit – https://m.shein.com/za/SHEIN-Figure-Graphic-Lettuce-Trim-Tee-&-Skirt-p-9679592-cat-1780.html?share_from=iosshother&url_from=GM7351300052397289472&ref=m&rep=dir&ret=mza

Van Sni-eef bracelet – https://m.shein.com/za/Rhinestone-&-Flower-Decor-Bracelet-p-12014566-cat-1758.html?share_from=iosshother&url_from=GM7351300455839121408&ref=m&rep=dir&ret=mza

Fragrance – Angels Share by Killian

And what you came for lol; giveaway winners


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