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Deadly Disasters: Drought

Deadly Disasters – Wildfires: https://youtu.be/PxFdCrHB4Hs

Most parts of the world are liable to the horrors brought by lack of water. In the United States only hurricanes bring about more economic hardships.

It is not only a lack of rain and high temperatures that causes drought. Overuse of existing water supplies by an ever-increasing population only adds to the problem.

We take a look at the in famous Dust Bowl that devastated parts of America in the 1930s. In 2016, during a drought in India some 330 million people were affected. Then, the Millennium drought in Australia which may have been the worst for 800 years, destroying crops, ecosystems and forcing many inhabitants of the continent’s parched cities to adopt entirely new methods of re-using their water supplies.

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