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Deadly Disasters: Wildfires

Deadly Disasters – Floods: https://youtu.be/kZVeGpHU-ug

With flames roaring to heights of 50 meters or more and temperatures exceeding 1,200°C, the wildfire is one of Mother Nature’s most horrific killers.

Large wildfires may affect air currents in their immediate vicinities by drawing in new, cooler air creating strong winds, and fire whirls with the force of tornadoes at speeds of more than 80 kilometres per hour. Using eyewitness accounts and fascinating insights from leaders in the field, we’ll investigate the history, science, and potential dangers of these terrifying scorchers.

In 2009 wildfires engulfed parts of Australia, in 2018 wildfires swallowed a town in California and in 2019 wildfires put millions at risk in Indonesia.

Wildfires show no signs of stopping and their inexorability on this planet is truly terrifying.
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