Department’s handling of digital migration described as criminal


The Department of Communications and Digital Technologies has been criticised for its lack of urgency regarding the country’s digital migration process.

During his Budget Vote Speech in Parliament on Wednesday, Communications Minister Mondli Gungubele said the switch-off date remains to be determined.

South Africa missed its 12th deadline for the switch-off of terrestrial analogue TV broadcasting signals.

Editor-in-Chief for technology publication,, Toby Shapshak says it is criminal the way the department has mismanaged the process.

“What’s equally bad is that millions of South Africans are not going to have any televisions. You can talk about all the reasons but the bottom line is that the Department of Communications has had a series of frankly incompetent and underwhelming ministers right back to Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri and unfortunately it is just not considered to be a prestige posting for any kind of minister. That is why you see a bunch of untried and untested, seemingly easily corruptible and very quick to jump on a plane trip overseas if they can justify it and take their husbands with.”

Shapshak’s full interview below:

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