DJ Lamiez Shares Details On How She Snapped Back After Giving Birth


DJ Lamiez shares details on how she snapped back after giving birth. Radio personality and music DJ, Lamiez Holworthy did not spare any information about how she got her snatched body back after giving birth.

Lamiez Holworthy has been sharing her postpartum pictures on social media. Her fans and industry friends were stunned by her beautiful body and flat tummy considering the fact that she gave birth 2 months ago. They were giving her compliments and also urged the DJ to share tips of how to get that snatched body right after giving birth.

The new mom recently took to Instagram thanking her fans for the compliments and also responded to the questions and detailed on how her banging body was achieved. The DJ revealed that she had been working out throughout her pregnancy and she continued to do so after her pregnancy. She also left details of the health professionals who helped her and other pregnant women with their workout.

“Thank you all so much for your compliments. I’ve seen your questions and the truth is, whilst our bodies aren’t the same, what worked for me is that I worked out with @fit4twogarsfontein throughout my pregnancy and went back after I gave birth. I workout with my son now which makes it really fun. There are health professionals, so the workouts are specially designed for pregnant women and new moms…”,Lamiez Holworthy wrote.

Lamiez went on to share that maintaining a healthy diet also helped her achieve her body goals. “Breastfeeding also helps whilst I try to eat as healthy as possible with lots of water and boiling water with lemon after all meals”, Lamiez Holworthy added.

Furthermore, she told new mothers to take it easy and not rush the process. She shared that she does not have it all figured out as she still needs help with some parts of her body. “Most importantly, be kind and patient with yourself mommies. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I don’t have it all figured out and need help with the discolouration on my body that actually work. Thanks in advance ladies”, Lamiez Holworthy shared.

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