DJ Zinhle Claps Back At A Comment Regarding Her Mourning AKA


DJ Zinhle claps back at a comment regarding her mourning AKA. House music DJ, DJ Zinhle did not bite her tongue to an insensitive comment towards her.

Taking to her comment section of her recent post on Instagram, DJ Zinhle responded to a follower’s comment who attempted to make her feel bad for promoting her business, ERA By DJ Zinhle. The DJ posted a photo of her added item to her business’s collection. Her follower commented by saying she is not pleased by the DJ’s recent post. The follower expressed her concern about DJ Zinhle not mourning her daughter’s father, rapper AKA. The follower shared that she must take a break and do this for her daughter, Kario. She further added that it has not been a month since AKA’s passing and she is doing business as usual.

“I thought you can give some time to mourn the father of your daughter, do it for your daughter. As your follower, I’m not comfortable with constant posts to advertise handbags barely weeks the father of your daughter passed away. I hope you got a heart to grieve. Your daughter’s feelings should be important to you than hand bags. Sending love and light to the bereaved family. May his soul rest in peace”, said one of her followers.

DJ Zinhle did not hold back from responding to the comment. The DJ shared that she has mastered the art of not responding to certain comments about her and sharing her opinion when not needed. She said that the follower should have not responded and kept her opinion to herself. She also added that AKA’s passing is a sensitive matter. They cannot deal with their loss and still have to face such comments about them.

“HI Josephine. I recently learnt a lot about the importance of knowing when to speak and when to keep your opinions to yourself. In this case, you should have kept your opinions to yourself mainly because this is not a joke, this is real life for us. We have to deal with a loss and still deal with people like you who have opinions that they think we must also consider”, DJ Zinhle shared.

Moreover, the DJ went on to say she will not stop posting and advertising her business as she has children to feed. She urged the follower to unfollow her if she finds any of her content uneasy. “Now I have a child that I need to feed. I will also do whatever it takes to make sure that my child has a good life so I will continue to post bags, gigs etc. If you are uncomfortable, I highly suggest that you unfollow me”, DJ Zinhle shared.

Her fans and supporters were on her side. They shared that the comment was uncalled for and commended the DJ for handling this situation so well. “@djzinhle you are really strong woman, dealing with such disrespect everyday”, said one of her followers.

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