Bombay Sapphire with Wasomi Experience opened up our creativity through arts, fashion, food and a good cocktail showcasing the best in botanicals

The sensories of the arts, nature, fashion, and food came together during Bombay Sapphire’s immersive experience with Wasomi. 

Set on the beautiful grounds of Nirox Sculpture Park, in Muldersdrift, Johannesburg the famous botanical gin brand hosted an exclusive multi-disciplinary experience that highlighted the hand-picked botanicals sourced for Bombay Sapphire.

The botanicals shined through in the food with tasty gin cocktails and engaging art and design from talented young female designers, and creators through Wasomi. 

The two-day event was hosted by the talented actress Nambitha Ben-Mazwi whom you may have seen in, Happiness Ever After, Savage Beauty and Black Mirror on Netflix. 

Botanicals through food and art

On the first day, we were treated to a stay at Farmhouse at 58 and a dinner hosted by both brands. The sharing platters consisted of a juniper steak and lentil salad with harissa and cassia marinated cauliflower steak. 

The starters were delicious, and the fresh greens in the salad were very tasty courtesy of the Farmhouse garden. The restaurant knows how to do fresh tasty salads with vegetables, there were no compliments. 

The main was a fish curry with coriander and ‘grains of paradise’. Then there were lamb chops with spinach dhal which was divine with the flatbread. The flavours took us to India and the crispy herb potatoes could be eaten alone, too good. 

Harissa and cassia marinated cauliflower steak. Picture: Supplied

Lastly, the dessert was a lemon and custard and malva pudding. Classic flavours however the lemon and custard was quite tart. 

The menu was paired with gin cocktails such as the negroni to open up the palette. 

The evening closed off with a memorising performance by multidisciplinary artist Tebogo Bafedi Ribane. 


Wasomi is a collective of emerging female creatives made up of fashion and interior designers created by Shelley Mokoena and Tebogo Bafedi Ribane. 

Speaking to The Citizen the duo said to plan their exhibition took them a year and they wanted to have a brand on board. 

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Ribane said Bombay was the most generous when it came to supporting their idea. “They looked at the craftsmanship and presentation.” She further stated gin giant took much interest in their creativity. 

Wasomi creators Shelley Mokoena and Tebogo Bafedi Ribane. Picture: Supplied

Both artists said they wanted to display the best of arts in an outdoor landscape. Nirox Sculpture Park was a great environment to showcase sculpture work with performances that aided the landscape. 

“We wanted to introduce new artists that are probably not known outside the commercial space,” Ribane said. 

Mokoena added they wanted to bring art and design together. Much of the art was inspired by nature, earth and reiterated the location was perfect for them. 

The duo will like to bring the Wasomi experience to a wider national audience and have it showcased globally as well. 

Wasomi Experience artist’s sculpture piece. Picture: Supplied

Another notable mention of this experience was on day two. 

Our food experience continued to be elevated when we were treated by Chef Leon van Deventer from one of Joburg’s favourite restaurants Gemelli dazzled our taste buds with a three-course fine dining menu that championed the botanicals. 

The three dishes were all beautifully plated. The starter was a seared tuna infused with lemon and juniper, with the main course, confit duck leg infused with coriander and cassia bark a favourite around the table. The duck was perfectly cooked and seasoned, the seared tuna was delicate, fresh and balanced. 

The dessert was a hit among sweet tooth lovers. The Valrhona caramel chocolate cremeux (custard mix with chocolate) with pieces of beetroot cake, almond crumble and amaretti biscuit was delightful, however, after the first few bites, it was too sweet.

Another dessert choice was a trio of fruit sorbet which was stellar, it was finished off with a lemon tuile and green apple gel.

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