Eugowra locals devastated by aftermath of central west floods

Local residents in Eugowra have come together to start a significant clean-up operation after the town was hit with record-breaking flooding over the week.

Residents say they are thankful the floods hit during the day and not during the night, as the death toll could have been higher as the attempt to flee was incredibly dangerous.

I was very close to losing my life; if they had not have come I would have just floated off I know I did; when I grabbed hold of the gate, the gate even started to move, but I just had my arm wrapped around the corner of the gate,” one local told to Sky News Australia.

“We had someone trapped in an ambulance, I get a bit emotional; when we finally got her out, we put her in the SES vehicle, we went back and back, and then we went under; we are lucky the fire truck came around and got us all out,” another local said.