Father of Accused No.3 in Thabo Bester’s escape expresses shock at son’s revelations


The father of Teboho Lipholo, who is accused No.3 in the Thabo Bester saga, says he is shocked by revelations in court that his son confessed to his involvement in the escape of the convicted Facebook rapist and murderer.

Sabata Lipholo says he is baffled to hear that the Investigating officer who took the stand in opposing his son’s bail application, testified that Teboho was promised R2.5 million and paid R40 000 of that, to aid the prison break.

The police officer also told the court that Teboho had placed the body which was used as a decoy in the escape plot, into a trolley dustbin and took it to the section where Bester’s cell was. This comes after it was brought onto the prison premises.

The father is devastated that his son is involved in the prison break saga of convicted rapist and murderer Thabo Bester.

Lipholo has been fingered in what occurred a few days before the escape at the Mangaung prison in May Last year. He says he is disappointed by the revelations in court.

“I don’t know what to say, I have lost words. Those are my feelings. His mother is also sick, I don’t know what to do it’s like my son just died, only god knows.”

Teboho Lipholo worked for G4S as a camera operator. He was convicted in 2007 for stock theft. It also emerged in court that Lipholo confessed to the police fearing for his life about his involvement.

Teboho Lipholo’s father expresses shock at his son’s involvement in Thabo Bester’s escape: 

Sabata Lipholo explains, “I dont know how he arrived at the point of confession to police before telling me as his father, what was his intention. I know Teboho as my son.”

When Lipholo senior was asked whether he believes that his son Teboho Lipholo assisted Katlego Bereng’s body inside a trolley dustbin and pushed to the darkroom for five days.

“I don’t believe that my son would do that, my son is a good man, that guy is a good man. i think that guy was drunk man.”

The case has been postponed to next week Tuesday.

The defence has asked for postponement to be afforded time to go through the evidence brought forward by the state.

Thabo Bester I Father of Teboho Lipholo [accused No.3] shocked by his son’s revelations in court

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