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Here Is Why Every Musician Should Use Tunecore. As much as artists are always keen to offer outstanding music to their audience, it should be emphasized that it is not always a stroll in the park until the finished product is published.

As a result, both established and emerging musicians must consider using Tunecore for all high-quality services to develop and distribute their songs. Technology advancement has continued to coexist peacefully with forward-thinking artistic ideas.

Tunecore will offer you a platform to put across your ideas as a musician. On that note, let us unpack for you why Tunecore is the real deal and you should prioritize if you are a serious musician.

Sell Your Music

As much as artists make music to entertain their fans, at the end of the day it is also their means of survival. For that reason, Tunecore allows artists to sell their music on different online stores and streaming services. All the musician need to do is upload their music on the platform and TuneCore will send the release to all of the selected stores and streaming services worldwide. Sit back relax and watch your music gain revenue and get paid.

Collect All of Your Royalties

Most musicians have battled with record labels when it comes to issues of getting their royalties. The ever-evolving the tech-world has enabled a platform like Tunecore to make sure that artists secure their royalties with no hassles. The platform will make sure that you secure all forms of royalties that include; Global Mechanical Royalties, Global Performance Royalties, Global Micro-Sync Royalties and Global Print Royalties.

Artist Advisory

Tunecore might take pride in giving artists a platform to make the most of their music. But the platform also boast in offering artists advice on different intel on how they can improve their career. Tunecore will provide guides, news update and a community to interact with other artist.

The post Here Is Why Every Musician Should Use Tunecore appeared first on SA Hip Hop Mag.

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