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Illegal Gold: Operation Exodus

World’s Most Dangerous Roads – All Episodes: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLgqOez346ZOo1DO-c6XIOHj604hM8ixA

The legend of “El Dorado” brought to the Americas conquerors in search of unknown treasures. The gold rush still alive today, creating new crime Cartels that devastate the land with greatest biodiversity in the world.

"Illegal Gold: Operation Exodus" provides exclusive access to the first Colombian Military Brigade. It’s only mission is to fight Illegal Mining. This unit of the Colombian Army tackles an enemy that has no boundaries, and destroys the environment with a speed and magnitude never seen before.

The brigade´s military operations take the viewers to the real life of this elite team in their fight against illegal mining. The planning, training and what they go through before a mission.
In this episode, the Brigade deployed a large contingent of more that 200 elite commandos, using black hawks, drones, zodiac boats. “Operación Exodo” objective is to prevent mercury spills into the second largest river of Colombia.
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