Inside Russia: Traitors and Heroes – BBC News


Inside Russia: Traitors and Heroes - BBC News

In February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine.

Despite the huge risks, two Russian filmmakers spent the year filming the impact of the war inside their country. Hundreds of thousands have fled. Those that stayed have had to choose – to oppose, support or stay silent. A group of young graffiti artists begin a campaign of subversive art to mock the government’s pro-war propaganda. An actor mourns her brother who was killed in Mariupol fighting for the Russian Armed Forces. She is against the war; her father supports it.

Storyville Inside Russia: Traitors and Heroes was produced by BBC World Service’s investigation unit, BBC Eye.

Directed by Anastasia Popova, produced by Misha Kozyrev and Stephanie Stafford, Edited by Anna Saridi & Baya Cat, Exec Producer Monica Garnsey.

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