Issues of staff shortages highlighted on Nurses Day


South African nurses say they are not sufficiently equipped to cope with the high demand to provide healthcare in the country.

They were speaking to SABC News on International Nurses Day being commemorated on Friday.

The National Department of Health held a commemorative event at the Pholosong Regional Hospital in Tsakane on Gauteng’s East Rand.

Nurses say the challenges they face in providing healthcare are insurmountable.

“Our main challenge is staffing. We have a shortage of staff. Also, our infrastructure is not favorable to give the care to patients. To the government, hear the voices of the nurses. Two, all those people that had other conditions, were kept outside the facility. Only now are we seeing the impact, after COVID-19 has been lifted. The burden of disease has increased. All those conditions that we did not attend to at the time of COVID, we are faced with them. Those people that were kept outside are overloading the system. It is very heavy for the nurses.”

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