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K.O Responds To The Idea Of A CashTime Reunion. CashTime’s demise was a slowly sinking ship, and the departures of Moozlie and Kid X summed up the end of an era for what was once one of the best SA hip hop groups.

K.O managed to have a reunion with Ma-E and that marked a new era for the acclaimed rappers as they established SkhandaWorld. CashTime Life might be long gone but the brand left a massive mark in the game and most SA hip-hop fans still have all the good memories that it brought.

One of K.O’s Twitter followers and fans  expressed the desire to see the CashTime reunion. The tweep also mentioned that it will be great to see artists from CashTime days and SkhandaWorld come together to thank K.O for his contributions to the game.

“@MrCashtime I was watching the young money reunion and I was like how I wish the whole gang of cash time were to come together and do some reunion including the current holies in @skhandaworld and give the big homie his flowers maan, as they did to lilwayne on that #OvoFest22.” Read the tweet.

K.O replied that he finds it difficult to persuade individuals to undertake things they are not interested in. The rapper gave his audience a further reason to be upbeat by promising that the SkhandaWorld crew would present something new that they should anticipate. “We can’t force things fam. We got something for the SW team coming up soon tho. Stay tuned.” He tweeted. 

The rapper is expected to release his highly anticipated SR3 album. With that in mind, K.O has managed to set a very positive mood amongst his fanbase following the release of Skhandaville freestyle. The track has managed to gain much attention as calls keep on rising for the rapper to now drop SR3. K.O made it clear that his project is getting close to being released and it’s only a matter of time before he makes it officially available on all music streaming platforms.

The post K.O Responds To The Idea Of A CashTime Reunion appeared first on SA Hip Hop Mag.

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