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Mpho Malgas  -   02, Oct 2023 09:10 AM
Kroonstad renewal campaign...

Mpho Malgas  -   30, Sep 2023 05:50 AM
New York USA is sinking! Flash flooding sweep away cars and buildings in Brook..

Mpho Malgas  -   27, Sep 2023 04:02 PM
Johannesburg is considered the most uranium-contaminated city in the world. Waste dumps from around 600 abandoned mines sit next to residential communities, blowing polluted dust into homes and contam..

Mpho Malgas  -   27, Sep 2023 03:49 PM
A CBC News investigation tracks stolen vehicles to dealerships in Ghana and breaks down why thefts are on the rise and what can be done — by officials and drivers — to keep Canadian cars from ending u..

Mpho Malgas  -   27, Sep 2023 03:46 PM
Some informal settlements in Cape Town had the daunting task of rebuilding and cleaning up the water, mud and dirt that flowed through their homes after the devastating floods wreaked havoc in parts o..

Mpho Malgas  -   26, Sep 2023 07:13 PM
After tough and sometimes life-threatening journeys, thousands of asylum seekers are crossing into the US every day.
Despite the obstacles and barriers, the influx is growing.
Immigration divi..

Mpho Malgas  -   25, Sep 2023 01:02 PM
Senate Republicans hold a press briefing to decry President Biden's border policies...

Mpho Malgas  -   25, Sep 2023 01:00 PM
'Special Report' anchor Bret Baier previews his exclusive interview with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. #foxnews <br><br>Subscribe to Fox News!

Mpho Malgas  -   25, Sep 2023 10:27 AM
As you battle to take your child to school, to buy food, to pay for your house...remember this ?..

Mpho Malgas  -   20, Sep 2023 10:59 AM
Young adults are shunning college and moving to Los Angeles to make some bank off of the hottest social media platform.

Help keep VICE News’ fearless reporting free for millions by making a one..

Mpho Malgas  -   18, Sep 2023 05:04 AM
The World Of Hackers - Until recently, many of us thought we were safe online and that the Internet provided a safe haven to share ideas and democratize information with the security of privacy. But t..

Mpho Malgas  -   15, Sep 2023 10:19 AM
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Thousands of television and film writers who are part of the Writers Guild of America are in the m..

Mpho Malgas  -   11, Sep 2023 04:05 AM
They went from solely distributing uncut indie gems to getting everything they made everywhere all at once

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Mpho Malgas  -   07, Sep 2023 07:29 AM
David Sutcliffe tries to crack the indomitable Andrew Tate...

Mpho Malgas  -   07, Sep 2023 07:25 AM
Sam Bankman-Fried was supposed to be a billionaire genius running the world's largest Crypto exchange: FTX. In only a few weeks, his $32B empire crumbled, leading to his arrest. In this video, we..

Mpho Malgas  -   07, Sep 2023 06:26 AM
On 7 August 2023, a fire broke out at the Kutama-Sinthumule Correctional Centre in Louis Trichardt, Limpopo. Three inmates died. Two of them were allegedly shot during the blaze.

While the caus..

Mpho Malgas  -   07, Sep 2023 04:56 AM
In the early hours of Wednesday 30 August 2023, military officers in Gabon announced they were seizing power from President Ali Bongo Ondimba in a stunning coup, threatening the Bongo family’s half-ce..

Mpho Malgas  -   04, Sep 2023 08:30 AM
This powerful investigation into Shia clerics in some of Iraq's holiest shrines uncovers a network of exploitation of young women and girls, trapped into prostitution and pimped out by a religiou..