Margaret Atwood on gender, women’s rights, and Roald Dahl revisions – BBC News


Margaret Atwood on gender, women's rights, and Roald Dahl revisions - BBC News

Booker prize winner Margaret Atwood describes herself as an "observer," but in her many novels she has often offered us a portal to understanding, be it about totalitarianism, or the idea of other forms of life, future and past.

In her latest book, Old Babes in the Woods, she navigates death and the loss of loved ones, in short stories which are both acerbic and hilarious, as well as adding to her fantastical oeuvre, such as an octopus-like creature narrating its own interpretation of a folk tale.

Seven of the stories feature the characters Tig and Nell, a thinly-veiled portrayal of Atwood and her long-life partner Graeme Gibson who died four years ago. Margaret Atwood began her interview with Kirsty Wark with a reading from the darkly funny story, Widows.

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