Afro-Pop and house music singer, composer and song writer Asanda Mvana known as Msaki, spilled and shared what has been going in her life after rumours on having a love a affair with a broadcaster and leaving the music industry on Podcast and Chill with MacG.

This comes after Msaki was called out by Kefiloe Chuene, the daughter of a South African actress Rami Chuene claiming that she was in a love affair with her husband, a South African broadcaster, Smash Afrika. The Afro-soul singer said that she was not the reason for Kefileo Chuene and Smash Afrika’s troubled marriage. She denied ever being involved with the broadcaster, Smash Afrika romantically. Msaki added that she never wanted to be involved in the couple’s matter.

“It’s not my story. I was not involved in their relationship and I’m not the reason why their relationship ended”, says Msaki. Msaki gave clarity saying she is not a home wrecker and does not want to be reduced to one. The singer said she finds it unfair that women are called home wreckers and men are praised.

“At this point I’m reduced to a title, I’m a home wrecker. I’m experiencing this as an artist and a devotee and as a woman… Just a catfish can wake up and say whoever slept with whoever, we legitimize that nonsense”, Msaki said.

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