Muvhango actresses praise their characters on Women’s Day

One of Mzansi’s top soapies, Muvhango has been on the air for nearly 25 years and the leading women are praising their characters on Women’s Day. 

Tuesday, 9 August, marks the anniversary of the great women’s march of 1956 which saw thousands of South African women marching in protest against the carrying of a pass.

Muvhango actresses, Maumela Mahuwa, Constance Sibiya, and Candy Magidimisa have paid homage to the characters that many watch daily on SABC 2. 

Maumela, who plays Susan Mukwevho says she is in awe of Susan, who went from being a submissive housewife with no formal education, competing to be recognised in her polygamous husband’s heart, to being a nurse. Maumela said in a statement that her character has evolved from being “a meek housewife who allowed her husband to bring different women into their lives to becoming a matriarch of the Mukwebo family who stood for herself.” 

She adds, despite Susan being involved with a polygamous chief she has managed to become a professional nurse and gained confidence, stature, and courage. 

Sibiya, who plays Vho-Hangwani says her character has multiple layers and strengths, something she loves when acting her role. 

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“She promotes ideals of female independence. Although she is married to Gizara who is a member of the royal council, she is a strong, powerful woman who heads up her own business and never relies on a man to get the job done. I also love her strong maternal instincts,” she said. 

Magidimisa who plays Sharon Mukwevho admits the character has made mistakes but learns from it. 

“While sometimes impulsive and susceptible to the manipulations of others, she is her person. She has her own identity and trajectory that she follows, as well as her own ambitions and goals outside her family’s expectations.”

The women agree the future of the South African girl child is bright.