New fantasy website makes role play easy


Naughty can be really nice and fantasy and role play could form part of a very pleasurable journey between bedmates.

Aviv Ben Menachem, founder of Realized Fantasy, a site that facilitates bedroom play, said that there’s no doubt that play enhances not only fun between the sheets, but several other, sometimes unexpected aspects to a relationship.

A touch of role play can bring a new level of excitement and fulfilment to the experience. Whether you’re in a new relationship or have been with your partner for years, incorporating it into intimate moments can help enhance communication, build trust, and reignite the spark between partners.

Realized Fantasy facilitates this experience, whether for novices or seasoned actors in the theatre of sensuality. Menachem developed the site to enhance and guide fantasy and role play for any couple, throuple or relationship combination.

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8 role play questions with Menachem

How did the idea of online facilitated role play come about?

“My wife and I came back from a vacation, and to continue the vibe and energy we experienced, we role-played as if we’re strangers on a beach. It was fun and sparked me to think more about roleplaying and how it could be better. I thought that with the right music, ambience and settings, the roleplay experience could become more realistic and enjoyable. That’s when I started looking into how fantasies with immersive audio could be introduced into couple’s bedrooms.”

Do you think imagination is an important part of sex?

“I think a large part of the sexual wellness industry focuses on bodies and not enough on minds and imagination. There are endless new sex toys, erection pills, and creams of all sorts, but there are a limited number of companies that focus on imagination as a sex enhancing tool through fantasy and roleplay. I think that in the future this is going to change, and we’ll be seeing more and more companies explore ways to enhance sex creatively through our minds and imagination.”

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What does role play do for couples?

“I think role play gives couples an opportunity to explore and challenge different parts of their personalities. Shy people could become more open and playful, in-control partners could play the vulnerable character and vice versa. Fantasy allows us to contest our self-consciousness, abandon the routine and experience ourselves anew.”

Where do you start with role play?

Introducing role play to sex turns ordinary sex into erotic sex. There’s a famous equation that says: ‘Erotica equals sex multiplied by imagination.’ Our minds are our most important organ for sex, and instigating our imagination is key to take our sex to the erotic level.

Couples could start by choosing whatever role play characters they’d like to explore from the hundreds of programs on our site, record a few character lines that are weaved into the story, get into bed and play the fantasy program together. Our programs don’t require dress up or special props (but are definitely recommended!) so it’s really easy to slip into a new identity and experience.”

What are the do’s and don’ts of role play?

“Start slow, there’s no need to shop for special costumes or props. Imagination is key.  Relive experiences that you enjoyed on vacations or special events. Don’t feel pressured to perform as a pro actor, it’s all about having fun. Talk about what arouses you and what doesn’t. Communication is key. Take turns on choosing or initiating roleplay.”

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How do you get over any kind of shyness?

Take it step by step. Start by just changing the ambience in your bedroom. Play oriental music to create an Eastern vibe, play forest rain to imagine being in a cabin in the woods.

Once you feel more comfortable with changing things up – you could introduce more aspects of role play – our audio programs, roleplay costumes or anything else that enhances your imagination.

I think role play is exciting for couples who want to spice things up and break off from the routine. Partnerships of all kinds could benefit from role play and fantasy, whether long-term relationships, new lovers, and relationships of all sorts.”

Is role play a fetish, or is it more than that?

“I don’t think role play is a fetish, but definitely many fetishes are included in role play. Think of sex as food. How often do we try a delicious new recipe for dinner when it’s just a weeknight and nothing “special” is happening? Rarely.

Instead, we default to packaged mac and cheese on the couch. That’s routine sex. But role play? That’s full-service dinner in Paris. For many people, imagination and physicality are often disassociated during sexual experiences. However, when this mind/body connection is established through imagination and role play, you can experience sex with heightened sensitivity, passion, pleasure, and meaning.

Erotica awakens the sexuality in you by blurring the lines between reality and fantasy, the known and unknown.”

How does role play differ from other sexual endeavours like BDSM (master/servant), cosplay and other more kinky engagements?

“All of these activities are types of role play, in more extreme and specific form. Role play ranges from subtle changes in ambience to fully fledged costume dress up and BDSM. Couples should feel free to explore the spectrum of role play and choose what works for them best.”

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