New Haval Jolion Hybrid Review - Pricing, fuel consumption test, specs and practicality

Haval continues its onslaught of the new car market in South Africa with this, the HEV version of the popular Jolion. Is it worth the extra spend? We find out.

Join our video journalist Ciro De Siena as he takes us on a thorough tour of the brand new Haval Jolion Hybrid, launching in South Africa on the day this video goes live, 24 January 2023.

The Haval Jolion is now one of the most popular passenger cars on our roads, and Haval is hoping that rising fuel prices might drive more motorists to consider new energy alternatives, such as this Jolion HEV hybrid.

But at a significant price premium, is it worth the extra spend? And how does it compare to its key rival, the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid, which is quite a lot cheaper?

We’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

0:00 – Intro
1:20 – Fuel consumption
2:14 – Engine
2:42 – Power and torque
3:47 – Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid
4:49 – Electric drivetrain
5:47 – EV Mode
6:15 – Battery
7:48 – Driving experience
8:46 – Pricing
10:05 – Interior
15:10 – Service Plan and Warranty
15:25 – Rear seats
16:46 – The boot/trunk
18:49 – Conclusion

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