New Toyota GR86 (Manual) Review! Is this a great daily AND a great weekend car?


New Toyota GR86 (Manual) Review! Is this a great daily AND a great weekend car?

Carrying on a long tradition of Toyota selling cars made by someone else, the Toyota/Subaru partnership has produced the second generation of the 86 sports car. With stunning good looks, a larger engine offering more power, and sticking to the formula of a naturally aspirated, RWD layout, Ciro De Siena set out to answer the question, does this car offer the best of both worlds?

2023 Toyota GR86 Price South Africa (as of March 2023)
Manual: R712,100
Automatic: R748,400

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00:00 Intro
00:25 Hello!
01:00 Toyota’s partnership with Subaru BRZ
01:46 New engine and power figures compared to GT86
02:40 What’s the gearbox and clutch like?
04:00 Description of handling
05:35 Michelin tyres as standard
06:37 Hard acceleration, tall gearing demonstration
08:31 Interior walkthrough, specs and features
10:55 Sports seats are nice
11:15 Price of the GR86 vs the old GT86
12:30 Mountain roads of the Western Cape, South Africa
13:16 Can you daily the GR86?
15:14 Exhaust sound description
15:40 Great driving position
16:00 Rating out of 10
16:49 Conclusion and very pretty visuals to end the film

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