There is seemingly no end in sight to the turmoil within ActionSA as the party on Sunday night announced it was dissolving its Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) in KwaZulu-Natal.

It comes after ActionSA’s interim eThekwini regional chairperson Busisiwe Ntshingila resigned, claiming the party is no different from the African National Congress (ANC).

‘Not victims, but traitors’

The party, however, claims the PEC has been infiltrated by people with “the intention of creating instability within ActionSA”.

“It is apparent that the actions of these individuals are motivated by political forces outside of ActionSA, and would manifest in a series of public resignations citing false pretences for the purpose of damaging the image of the party,” it said in a statement.

The party added that the members that resigned are “not victims but rather traitors to the people of KZN who voted for ActionSA”.

Regional leader fired

At the end of July, Ugu regional leader Sipho Shinga was fired from ActionSA after the party claimed it discovered a voice note of him and an ANC member discussing a motion to oust the ANC from KZN.

Shinga and the ANC member were reportedly talking about how to ensure the motion failed.

“This individual’s membership was summarily terminated because ActionSA did not tolerate the protection of the ANC then and will not do so now,” the party said in its statement on Sunday.

After dissolving the KZN PEC, ActionSA acknowledged there are members within the province that are committed to the party.

“We are confident they will continue to build the structures that are rapidly growing across the province.”

ActionSA’s National Director of Operations, John Moodey, will oversee all political activities in the province until a new provincial chairperson is appointed.

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Ntshingila resignation

In her resignation letter on Sunday, Ntshingila says there are members within ActionSA that are self-obsessed politicians who simply want to gain power, money and fame with little regard for the ordinary South African.

“ActionSA is a far cry from what this country needs. At face value, they seem like they have potential but it seems that, just like ANC, there are handlers and agendas that are well hidden and ultimately, they will serve self-interest and not the needs of the people that actually voted for them.”

She said she had been battling with the decision to resign for over six months before realising ActionSA “could not” fix the problems of the country.

Days before, uThukela regional chairperson Mdumiseni Mlangeni quit the party after growing disillusioned with its leadership.

Mlangeni was also a member of the party’s KZN provincial executive committee.

“After much reflection, I have realised that ActionSA is not what it presents itself to be.

“On numerous occasions I have tried in earnest to caution our senate members and KZN PEC members about their lack of empathy, consideration and understanding of the ordinary man on the ground,” Mlangeni wrote in his resignation letter.

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