Open Mic Production’s Artist Paige Adds To The List Of Artists Not Happy With The Label


Open Mic Production’s artist Paige adds to the list of artists not happy with the label. Singer and songwriter Paige took it upon herself to open about her struggles with Open Mic Production.

It has not been a good week for the record label Open Mic Production since three artists decided to air their dirty laundry. Earlier this week, Makhadzi decided to speak out about what she endured under the record label. That gave other artists confidence to also share what they have been through. Music DJ and producer Sdala B shared a lengthy post on Facebook that detailed all the things he endured since he signed with Open Mic Production. Shortly, singer Paige also decided to tell her own story.

Taking to her Twitter page, the singer shared that she is going through something similar to Makhadzi. She also claimed she has been robbed off her money. She stated that she never received money from her sales and the money she made from the million streams. “What Makhadzi’s going through, is exactly the same thing I am currently going through. From millions of streams, I have never received any benefit or a penny from those millions of streams”, Paige wrote.

The singer also shared her complaints about not receiving a copy of her contract after she signed with the record label. Paige revealed that when she signed her contract in 2021, they refused to give it to her until July 2022. The Ghanama hitmaker also shared that she signed a 3 page contract but to her surprise, she received a copy of her contract which was 17 pages with forged signatures and the label claimed they did not have the original documents.

“I requested a copy and was promised to get one in no time when I get home inn 2021. The copy wasn’t sent to me as promised and throughout the year of 2021, with my team and manager we kept on requesting a copy of the contract and Open Mic couldn’t send it until July 2022”, Paige had shared.

She went on to say, “To my surprise, a 3 page contract I signed came back as a 17 page contract with my initials and signature on each and every page. The initials and signature was forged on all those pages. When we requested to come and see the original copy of this 17 page contract, and stories came up all of a sudden they don’t have the original document”, Paige had tweeted.

Additionally, the singer stated why she was afraid to speak out. Her life was threatened and also her team and management were also threatened. So out of fear, she decided to bite her tongue. “Out of fear we decided to keep quiet because there were threats on my life and that of my management and team. Well I just put my trust that God will answer my prayers one day, nothing trumps faith, God will be my soldier and protector”, Paige had tweeted.

Following her sharing her story, the singer received assistance from Gardee Attorneys and she is hopeful that her matter will be resolved.

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