Open Mic Production’s Artist Sdala B Opens Up About His Struggles With The Label


Open Mic Production’s artist Sdala B opens up about his struggles with the label. Music DJ and producer famously know as Sdala B broke his silence by also sharing what he endured under his record label.

Artists have not been biting their tongues about the things that they go through at the hands of their record labels. Recently, Makhadzi left her former record label and put on blast Open Mic Productions on social media claiming she never received payment from her album sales. Sdala B who was also signed under the same record label decided to come out and speak out about his matter too.

Sdala B took to his Facebook page to share a lengthy post about the difficulties he was facing with the label. In his post, the musician shared that he came to Joburg to fulfill his dreams, and he joined Open Mic. In his time signed under a label, he released hit songs including his famous song titled Zulu Ghanama, Khanyisa, and his EP titled Ngiyazifela. He also shared that after working so hard, Open Mic did not keep the promises they had made.

“Moving from home to Johannesburg to hustle for my family, knowing very well that I’m an orphan and that I must take care of my grandmother who raised me. I have since worked hard and put all of my efforts on the songs such as Zulu Ghanama, Khanyisa, Ngiyazifela EP Delux just to name a few. That’s where Open Mic Production came in and promised us the world but not even one of their promises were fulfilled”, Sdala B wrote.

The musician claimed that he made millions from his music but he never received any money from his sales nor royalties from the song he made under the label. Sdala B also shared that the management is living lavish with his money. He revealed that his career is not doing well, he is broke and he cannot afford a lawyer to fight his battle.

“I never received even a single percentage of the money made from my sales nor did I receive any royalties that were generated by all the songs that I made with the label. My career is drowning today, yet I’ve made millions for people who never cared about me. Their lives are changing before my eyes and their families flourish with my hard work. I have no money and now I’m forced to start from scratch. The hardest past is walking on the streets because now all people see is a failed celebrity, a has been. I don’t have a lawyer to fight for me”, Sdala B shared.

Sdala B further added saying that his dreams have been crushed by Open Mic Production and he was left demotivated to continue doing what he loves, which is making music. “Open Mic set me back, destroyed my dreams and left me demotivated, but my faith is strong so I’m leaving it all to God”, Sdala wrote.

The musician received positive feedback from his fans after opening up about his experience with Open Mic. They were sympathizing with him and vowed to support his music.

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