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PICS! Meet Jub Jub & His Italian Fiancèe. Jub Jub has become the fans’ favourite ever since he became the host of one of Mzansi’s favourite television shows Uyajola 9/9. The rapper has been setting the trends because of his television show which has made him get involved in fixing people’s romantic relationships.

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PICS! Meet Jub Jub & His Italian Fiancèe

It’s not only that the rapper is involved in assisting disgruntled partners in relationships by investigating their partners, but he has been setting mixed sentiments in his own love life. Musa Khawula has taken to Twitter and shared pictures of the famed rapper with his white woman. He captioned; “Jub Jub with his white girlfriend.”

Jub Jub can be seen in the arms of a white woman in photos that have been shared on social media. Both members of the couple dress in matching colours and the woman can be seen sporting a diamond rock on her ring finger. Even though Jub Jub can be seen having a good time with his woman, the rapper has been accused of dating multiple women.

According to the City Press, the rapper’s rumoured fiancee Tumi Mthembu had accused him of dating multiple women. All this became public knowledge after Jub Jub was reported to be dating an Italian woman Zenith Zee Mia.

Tumi allegedly stated to City Press that she had been “faithful” to Jub Jub for the duration of their 20-year relationship. However, this could not be stated of the person who inspired Uyajola on 9/9. The woman also claimed that Jub Jub cheated on her with pop star girlfriends Amanda du Pont and Kelly Khumalo.

“What makes me angry is that I’ve been here. I’ve been highly supportive. I’ve forgiven him for girls like Amanda [du-Pont], Kelly, and all the others who I don’t even know. I believed that this time around, he really wanted to grow and do right. “She said as per City Press.

The woman also revealed that she has been there for Jub Jub even during his time in prison as he expressed her genuine love for the acclaimed rapper. “Even when he was in jail, I was always there. We were always stable. I would visit him with his family. I genuinely love him. The last straw for me was what he did on his birthday. It became clear to me that he never loved me, but he was simply using me.” She added.

The post PICS! Meet Jub Jub & His Italian Fiancèe appeared first on SA Hip Hop Mag.

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