Prince Kaybee Advocates For Upcoming Musicians To Be Given Features


Prince Kaybee advocates for upcoming musicians to be given features. Music DJ and producer, Prince Kaybee stood up for upcoming artists and stated they must be given a chance. 

People have been sharing their complaints about upcoming artists not given a chance to showcase their talent in the music industry. They have been urging the already famous musicians to open up the industry and start working with apsiring musicians. It seems like some are not sticking to their words of ‘opening the industry’ after they bashed Prince Kaybee for featuring a newbie on his unreleased song and shared that he has fallen off.

Taking to his Twitter page, the Club Controller hitmaker decided to address the matter of well known musicians overlooking upcoming artists. He shared that the industry will never grow if artists keep on working with the same artists. He also urged famous musicians to feature a new artist when making new music. “We can’t grow the industry if we keep recycling artists. When you release new music, it must come with new artists”, Prince Kaybee tweeted.

The music DJ went on to express how he feels about critics who were making comments about him featuring a new artist. He shared that people want him to work with famous musicians but they still want them to open the music industry for new musicians. “Same people who want the industry open will tell you to go feature someone that already has a stable career, it makes zero sense”, Prince Kaybee tweeted.



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