Qhawe and Naledi’s love is king | The Wife S3 Episode 49 – 51 | Showmax Original


Qhawe and Naledi's love is king | The Wife S3 Episode 49 – 51 | Showmax Original

It is not easy being in love with a princess, but Qhawe is giving it his best shot and we’re here for a strong black king. Tlhabane thought he could just kidnap Nkanyezi and run away with her to Botswana but one thing about Qhawe, he keeps a promise and he promised to protect "Chief Naledi Zulu", as she calls herself. With Tlhabane out of the way, that leaves one man in the way of Qhaledi’s love … Sefako, who thinks he is the father of Naledi’s child. Who will break the news to him? Someone else who has a secret to find out is Hlomu, who is plagued with the question of who Mqhele might be cheating with. She enlists Xoli to help her find the side chick. Can you imagine asking the other woman to find the other woman? However, Xoli may not be a problem much longer as the Zulu brothers are hot on the heels of the person who has taken R2 million from their account. One month of #TheWifeShowmax left to go and ziyabuyastrong.

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