Rouge Lands New Acting Gig

Rouge Shares What Fans Can Expect From Her Upcoming Sophomore Album And Drops One Feature To Look Out For

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Rouge Lands New Acting Gig. In its most basic form, hip-hop is a sort of talent art that involves engaging with the audience and encouraging them to experience new emotions or consider novel ideas and viewpoints, just like actors do. Rapping and acting can easily go together, and this notion has existed for a long time.

On many occasions, we have witnessed SA rappers venturing into acting and they have managed to steal the limelight because of their ability to captivate their audience. Rouge has been the latest rapper to land an acting role in a South African action movie.

Taking to Twitter, the famed rapper shared the good news with her fans as congratulations keep pouring in. Rouge announced that the name of the movie is called “Whatever It Takes.” Rouge revealed that she would be portraying Sindi in the August 16th release of the action film as she expressed her excitement. 

 “ANNOUNCEMENT  Finally can let the cat out of this bag! Catch me playing Sindi, in this bad-ass Action packed MOVIE alongside these queens, on the 16 of August. It’s alooot @RousHouseZA. This is how I welcome womens Day with Etv ” Rouge tweeted

Rouge is one of the rappers that have been doing wonders in silence this year. A few months ago, the Dololo hitmaker announced her music deal with Warner Music Africa and she promised her fans that she will be working on dropping new music. 

“I am so excited to join the Warner family, I already feel like I have an active team, who are a part of the new Rouge era,” Rouge said as per Music In Africa Publication. “I believe with the backing of the right team, my eyes can now be focused on the world. People have been waiting for the music and it’s coming, with twice the punch.”

The post Rouge Lands New Acting Gig appeared first on SA Hip Hop Mag.