#SABCNews AM Headlines | 23 September 2022

#SABCNews AM Headlines | 23 September 2022

* Pre-trial proceedings in the corruption case against suspended ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule and his 15 co-accused will resume in the
Bloemfontein High Court today.

* A fire broke out in a building in Woodstock in Cape Town last night, setting off a number of explosions. Two men were taken to hospital with serious burn wounds. The explosions were apparently caused by gas bottles that caught alight.

* In international news, long queues formed at Finland’s border with Russia on day one of President Vladimir Putin’s war call-up. The move to flee Russia’s first mobilisation since the second world war comes after the defense minister announced on Wednesday that 300 thousand new conscripts would be called up to bolster Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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