‘Snow storm of accusations’: Andrew Laming faced a ‘deeply personal’ attack

‘Snow storm of accusations’: Andrew Laming faced a ‘deeply personal’ attack

Former Liberal MP Dr Andrew Laming says he was thrown into a “snow storm of accusations” in 2021 after he was falsely accused of “upskirting” a woman.

Dr Laming was falsely accused of taking an “upskirting” photograph of a woman by media outlets and members of parliament.

The former MP recently settled a defamation case against Nine Entertainment over a broadcast in March last year, receiving an apology and an undisclosed settlement.

He said the accusations were a “deeply personal” attack.

“I simply couldn’t get a word out to clear my name, and even offering an apology was seen as an addition of guilt rather than what it was – which was an attempt to mend what were obviously hurt feelings from some of my political comments and debate,” he told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

“But it was all work-related, none of this was true, but it was a very, very effective series of complaints.”

Dr Laming said “sadly” former prime minister Scott Morrison “walked away” from him.

“That turned the tables, that poured fuel on the fire because suddenly none of my colleagues could back me up and the media and the Labor opposition were given a free run and a free kick and it was just a horrible time.”