Monyane says she is still heartbroken from her daughter's passing, adding that she uses her pain to heal and to walk in her purpose.

South African actress Tiisetso Mona Monyane penned a heartfelt message to her late daughter saying she saved her life.

Taking to her Instagram account to pay homage to her late daughter Amani-Amaza Wamazulu on her birthday; Mona Monyane cites she always “longs” for Amani and wished she had “stayed”.

“You would’ve turned five today… Amani-Amaza Wamazulu. My sweet, sweet angel. I will always wonder, I will always long for you [and] will never ever forget you,” the caption read.

‘Thank you for saving my life’

Citing she is still heartbroken from her ( Amani-Amaza Wamazulu ‘s) passing, she said she uses her pain to heal and to walk in her purpose; adding that her daughter saved her life.

“Thank you for saving my life Amani. Thank you for being the light that illuminated my darkness,” she added.

Amani died in 2017, seven days after her birth.

“I wish you had stayed but I understand why you left. Although my heart is still broken, today I choose to remember this moment. How proud I was to be the mother of two phenomenal queens.

“My world felt so complete on this day. I choose to remember the promises I made. I choose to keep them alive forever and always”, Mona wrote.

‘Power of wellness’

Monyane subsequently started “Power of wellness” (POW), which is a platform where she embarks on a journey of prioritising wellness from a mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and financial perspective.

“You would be so proud of your Mama. I remember everything you taught me and I use my pain to heal. I’ve embraced who I am [and] I walk in my purpose. My Spirit is awake,” she said.

“I started #POW for you my baby [and] I will continue to grow it for you, I will love and laugh for you [and] live for you,” Monyane concluded.

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