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Gauteng’s Health Department says transmission of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and HIV infection is on the rise. Over 1 000 men tested positive between April and December 2023 in the province.

Gauteng health spokesperson, Motalatale Modiba says a number of pregnant women have also tested positive for STIs.

“In the same period of April and December 2023, we are noticing that there are more pregnant woman who are presenting at our facilities for antenatal care for the first time tested positive for Syphilis.”

The department is urging pregnant woman to start medical care as soon as they realise they are pregnant, to assist with treatment.

“We make a call to women to start their antenatal care, as soon as they realise that they are pregnant, so that they can be assisted with screening for any STIs and also provided with appropriate and timely treatment.”