Stig Lap: Alpine A110S - £60k Supercar Slayer? | Top Gear

This is the Alpine A110S and it’s all the Ss: sharper, stiffer, swifter and stoppier.

The Stig isn’t the biggest fan of the standard A110. Too soft and squidgy said the sad slope of his shoulders when, back in 2018, it put in a 1:22.9 lap. Which made it faster than a Toyota Supra, and matched a Ferrari F430. So how much faster is the little Alpine with stiffer suspension, uprated brakes, wider, stickier tyres, a wing and an extra 40bhp?

Answer: 0.6 seconds. On a very HOT day, the A110S put in a 1:22.3. Not a massive improvement, but it remains a giant slayer (as quick as a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale or Audi R8 V10 Spyder) not to mention any race team would kill for a 0.6sec improvement…

0:00 The A110S
0:19 Stig Lap
1:48 Onboard Replay

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