Taking notes from the women of #DisneyPlus. ✍️


Taking notes from the women of #DisneyPlus. ✍️

We asked the women of Disney+ to share the best advice they ever received from a woman or femme. Hear words of wisdom from Gabrielle Union (#StrangeWorld); Tatiana Maslany, Jessica Gao, and Kat Coiro (Marvel Studios’ #SheHulk: Attorney at Law); Michelle Ang (Star Wars: #TheBadBatch); Lyndon Smith (#NationalTreasureSeries); Josie Trinidad and Bonnie Hunt (Zootopia+); Sabrina Revelle (#TheCrossover); Peyton Elizabeth Lee (#DoogieKamealohaMD); and Julie Bowen and Anya Adams (#PromPact). #HonorHerStory #shorts

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