Tweeps Concerned About IdolsSA Former Winners


Tweeps concerned about IdolsSA former winners. Twitter recently weighed in on the music careers of former Idols SA winners from most seasons.

Upcoming musicians enter the singing competition with the hope of making it big in the music industry. Some winners make it to the top, some don’t. However, the singing competition does give their winners an opportunity to make it big with the resources that comes with the title. People were sharing their concerns about the people who won the competition but never really made it to the top.

Taking to their Twitter page, a tweep shared pictures of those IdolsSA winners that did not become megastars. Those winners include Nomalanga Khumalo better known as Norma, Vincent Bones, Luyolo and Zama Khumalo. The tweep asked about their whereabouts because they disappeared from the public’s eye.

“The relevance of these singing competitions are now questionable because why do these winners win and record one album just to disappear. Is the record deal a problem? Who do we blame. What happened to Norma, Vincent Bones, Luyolo and many other winners of the show”, a tweep said.

Sharing their observations, tweeps added their speculations of why the winners never become successful artists. The expressed that allegedly, the record deals that the winners signed with after winning the competition did not favour them. Others speculated saying that the aim of the show is to give the singers relevance so that they can continue growing on their own. “I think they give you the platform and after the show it’s up to you to make the relevance gained through the platform work in your favour. Keep on singing, create YouTube channel, just something but the show is just there to expose you”, a tweep said.

Additionally, one of the singing competition winners Yanga Sobetwa shared her reason why winners do not become megastars after the competition. Speaking to Nkululeko on Nkululeko n Cultr podcast, Sobetwa shared that winners do not become successful due to the contracts they sign with record labels. She further added that labels do the bare minimum for IdolsSA winners in comparison to already famous artists they are signed with.

“The reason why I would say we don’t really get megastars on competitions like that is because of the contracts they get signed into, because as record labels they partner with, they already have artists that they have. So sometimes it happens that they’ll just shelve artists on to pf artists just for the sake of the agreement. They will make you release a song they will not push it that much. They’ll do the bare minimum that they’ll have to to honour the contract”, Yanga Sobetwa had shared.

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