WATCH! DJ Tira Dragged By Ngizwe Mchunu For Failing Late Mampintsha


Watch! DJ Tira dragged by Ngizwe Mchunu for failing late Mampintsha. House music DJ and producer DJ Tira was criticized by former Ukhozi FM radio personality Ngizwe Mchunu for betraying Mampintsha during the Metro FM music awards.

On the 6th of May 2023, at the Metro FM music awards, DJ Tira scooped 2 awards. Ngizwe Mchunu was not pleased by his wins. It seems like DJ Tira is not on Ngizwe’s good books as he decided to make a video bashing him. In video that was trending, Ngizwe was addressing the DJ for not standing by his words. The former radio personality threw a lot of unpleasant remarks towards DJ Tira.

Ngizwe called out DJ Tira for not sticking to the promises he made at Mampintsha’s funeral. Apparently DJ Tira promised to not participate on the Ukhozi FM song of the year so that his votes can go to Mampintsha’s song titled Ngeke. He shared that the DJ betrayed Mampintsha by not withdrawing after he was nominated under the same category as Mampintsha at the Metro FM music awards. He also emphasized how cruel DJ Tira is.

“DJ Tira you are out of order, you were supposed to do what you have said at Mampintsha’s funeral, do you get what I’m saying DJ Tira. In Mampintsha’s funeral you made promises that made us believe that you are a good person. You said your votes for the Ukhozi FM song of the year can go to Mampintsha, but that did not happen this time. You reminded me of your wrong doings in 2016 of how cruel you are. DJ Tira you are cruel”, said Ngizwe Mchunu.

Not only did Ngizwe address the issue of betrayal, but also criticized the DJ’s alcohol beverage, Bearings Cyder and claimed that it tastes like pee. “DJ Tira I’m highly disappointed in you, Makoya Bearings with the your alcohol that tastes like pee…”, said Ngizwe Mchunu.

DJ Tira was adamant to add his comments on the claims made by Ngizwe. (Watch video below).

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