The lumps of human excrement were filmed along Umhlanga's most luxurious strip of coastline, home to some KZN's most exclusive hotels.

It appears as though the eThekweni is nowhere near close to solving what appears to be an ongoing problem of sewage spilling into the ocean.

On Thursday, the Umhlanga Ski Boat Club shared a video of raw sewage flowing across the promenade.

In the video, lumps of human excrement can be seen cascading onto the sandy beach before reaching the waves.

KZN’s ongoing doo-doo problem

The Umhlanga promenade forms part of one of Durban’s most famed beaches and attracts thousands of tourists and locals all year round.

The increasing plight of KwaZulu-Natal’s debilitated sewage infrastructure has not only left a bad taste in the mouths of residents but it also threatens to affect the province’s tourism industry.

If that wasn’t enough, opposition party Action SA piled it on by dragging the city of eThekweni for failing to fix the ravaged sewage systems.

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The party wants the court to declare that eThekweni officials have failed to maintain or repair the necessary infrastructure and cannot stop the flow of sewage or untreated effluent into the eThekwini Municipality’s waterways.

There have been several sewage spills reported in Durban, Umhlanga and Port Shepstone in the past year alone, some of which forced officials to close affected beaches.

In October, footage of raw sewage flowing from Port Shepstone Hospital into a nearby river was shared on social media.

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That same month, eThekweni officials were accused of ignoring the overflowing sewerage system, which flowed into the Durban rivers and the Ohlanga Lagoon in Umhlanga, since the April floods.

In November last year, the city blamed persistent load shedding for human faeces spilling into the Durban Harbour.

And in 2018, Northglen News reported a sewage spill at the same exclusive Umhlanga strip.

Compiled by Narissa Subramoney

Additional reporting by Nica Richards and Chris Ndaliso

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