WATCH! Unathi Nkayi Claps Back After Being Body Shamed


Watch! Unathi Nkayi claps back after being body shamed. Afro soul songstress and radio personality Unathi Nkayi responded to critics who were throwing ill- remarks about her body.

Unathi Nkayi has been a gym freak for the past couple of years. She has also been sharing snaps and clips of her toned body on social media. Her fit, toned body had a lot of people admiring her for having such a body at her age. Whilst others were complimenting her, other were criticizing her and leaving mean comments under her post about her flat tummy.

A social media blogger and YouTuber famously known as Musa Khawula shared a picture of Unathi Nkayi that showed her flat tummy with a six pack and added a controversial caption. He stated that even though her tummy if flat, it has been through a lot. “Flat tummy, but you can see it has been through a lot”, Musa Khawula wrote.

Taking to her Instagram page, Unathi Nkayi addressed the issue of people, particularly men, adding their opinions about her body. She shared the video with a caption saying, “Weak men”. The singer spoke out and stood up for the women who were also body shamed and stated that it is only weak men who critique women’s bodies.

“I was not going to do a video about this because I do not like giving weak men attention. But I realised it is Mother’s Day on Sunday and a lot of Mothers get bodyshamed for the fact that we can create life in our tummies, bring up life in our tummies and give life from our tummy”, said Unathi Nkayi.

The singer went on and called out men including the acclaimed pope of pop culture for body shaming women for something that they are not capable of doing which is giving birth. “And ladies I want to know that it is only weak men who can ever body shame us for being the miracles that we are and body shaming us of something they are physically incapable of being and doing. I want to ask a question to men who body shamed me and wrote, “Flat tummy, but you can see it has gone through a lot”, said Unathi Nkayi.

Taking to the comment section, a lot of women commended the singer for speaking up and facing men who say unpleasant things about women and shared that they are also tired of taking insults. “Well said it doesn’t matter whether you address him or anyone else out there that belittle women. I love this, it needs to be put out there that we’re done taking insults lying down, go girl.

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