Zulu Prince warns Reed Dance weekend may result in bloodshed

One of the Zulu princes, Prince Mxolisi KaBhekuzulu, has written to KwaZulu-Natal Premier Nomusa Dube-Ncube in an attempt to halt the Reed Dance at Enyokeni Palace, saying the gathering could lead to confrontations which may result in bloodshed.

The Reed Dance is supposed to take place on 17 September and Prince Mxolisi said the core structure of the AmaZulu Royal family does not recognise King Misuzulu as the Zulu King. Instead, it nominated and recognises King Simakade ka Zwelithini as the legitimate heir to the Zulu throne.

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“The Enyokeni Royal Palace is the official Residence of His Majesty King Simakade ka Zwelithini; and to have Prince Misuzulu and his supporters come to Enyokeni will be an act of extreme provocation, whose consequences, if allowed to proceed, are too ghastly to contemplate.

“In March 2022, after the President issued a notice to recognize Prince Misuzulu, we instructed our Lawyers to inform the President that the core structure of the Amazulu Royal Family do not accept his decision, and therefore we intend to institute review proceedings,” he wrote.

Prince Mxolisi said his family requested an explanationon why King Misuzulu was crowned and this has not happened as yet.

“In light of the above, we request that the Minister should intervene and order that no event lead by Prince Misuzulu should be held at Enyokeni Palace until such time that the dispute on who is the rightful heir to the Zulu throne is resolved.”

“In the meantime, Prince Misuzulu and his supporters should continue to use Kwa Khangela Palace, which is the same Palace in which he has conducted his events, including ‘entering the kraal’ ceremony.”

Meanwhile, Dube-Ncube confirmed receiving the letter and said out of respect for the royal family, she wishes not to air matters pertaining to the Royal Family in public.

“Premier Nomusa Dube-Ncube wishes to place on record that on behalf of the Provincial Government, she has responded to the letter written to her by Prince Mxolisi ka BhekuZulu Zulu,” said Dube-Ncube in a statement.

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